What is CrossFit?

A Functional Training method trending in Europe and America.

Unlike conventional gym training where you would focus on a specific muscle, training by running, getting up, picking up and lifting, you improve your all-around physical fitness, you will also start to feel the day to day motions start to become easier. In America, where CrossFit was originated there are more than 13,000 facilities, which are also used for military and police training.



Each 60 minute class is packed with a variety of exercises encompassing elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning. The program is different every day, giving members the opportunity to acquire a variety of new skills and ensuring they are constantly challenged and motivated. CrossFit is anything but repetitive and boring! Individual progress is also measurable, so it is easy to see improvements.


The movements performed in class are functional, meaning that they apply to the real world outside of the gym. The program is designed to prepare members for the demands of everyday life, so that skills and abilities acquired in the gym can assist members to complete day-to-day activities with ease. All movements can be scaled or modified to suit individual ability level, so injuries and other restrictions can be accomodated. Crossfit is for everyone!


Classes are conducted in a group setting so that members can enjoy fitness in a supportive and encouraging environment, with people from all walks of life. CrossFit brings people together!


Beginners to CrossFit are very welcome!
We will listen to your concerns and goals and give you advice on your training plan and effective diet.
Then why don't you actually try CrossFit?
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