Article 1 (Definitions)
The terms and conditions set forth in this MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") shall apply to the facilities operated by KAMJ, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") (hereinafter collectively referred to as "CFMB"). In addition, the terms and conditions set forth herein in an interactive form in a foreign language In the event of any ambiguity between the Japanese and foreign language interpretations of these Terms and Conditions, the Japanese interpretation shall be applied to all members.

Article 2 (Purpose)
The purpose is for CFMB members to use the club's facilities to maintain and improve their physical and mental health and to promote friendship among members.


Article 3 (Qualifications for membership)
Those who are eligible for membership in CFMB shall satisfy all of the following items.
① 15 years of age or older (5 years of age or older and under 15 years of age for KIDS class only), who agree to these Rules and Regulations and abide by the various rules and regulations. However, in the case of a minor, the consent of a parent or guardian is required.
② Those who are not anti-social forces, such as organized crime groups, gangsters, or other similar groups.
③ Japanese nationals who can present identification documents showing their name, date of birth, and address at the time of admission. Those with foreign nationality who can present a residence card or special permanent resident card.
④ Those who are judged by the company not to be a nuisance to other members or not to behave in an undesirable manner as a member.
⑤ Those who have never been expelled from CFMB in the past (including those who have voluntarily withdrawn from CFMB membership as a result of committing an act that would have resulted in expulsion), or those who have never been expelled for committing a prohibited act at a membership sports club, etc. In addition, those who have a clear cause for expulsion in the past and have been approved for membership again according to the criteria determined separately by the company.
⑥ Those who fall under any of the following conditions, and who have been approved for membership in a separate examination conducted by the CFMB and have agreed to the terms and conditions of membership.
(1) Those who are suffering from a disease that may be transmitted to the general public.
(2)In addition to the above, those who the company deems necessary to be screened.

Article 4 (Enrollment Procedures)
A person who uses CFMB shall become a member by approving these terms and conditions, completing the admission procedure, paying the prescribed fees, etc., receiving approval from the company, and signing a contract. If a minor wishes to join, he or she and his or her parent or guardian shall be jointly and severally liable under these Terms and Conditions.
In addition, during the enrollment process, the member shall register his/her name, date of birth, contact information, telephone number, current address, emergency contact and telephone number, mailing address, name of employer and address of employer, and information necessary to settle membership dues. The person who becomes a member shall guarantee the accuracy of the registered information.

Article 5 (Dues and Fees)
① Members must pay to the Company in the prescribed manner and on the prescribed date the various membership fees and charges set forth by the Company. CFMB may authorize a parent or guardian of a minor member, or a family member of an eligible member, to pay the dues and fees on behalf of the member. In this case, the member's representative shall be jointly and severally liable for the member's obligations under these Terms and Conditions.
② Consumption tax on dues and fees shall be borne by the Member. In the event that the consumption tax rate is changed due to an amendment to the Consumption Tax Law, the Member shall be responsible for the difference in the method determined by the Company for consumption tax on dues and fees for the applicable period on or after the effective date, including advance payments, in accordance with the amended law.
③ The amount, time of payment, and method of payment of various membership fees and charges shall be determined by the company. In addition, CFMB may set an admission fee depending on the member's right to use the CFMB. The existence and amount of the admission fee shall be determined separately, and the Member shall pay the admission fee at the time of joining the CFMB. The admission fee is for the purpose of concluding the contract and shall not be refunded to the member for any reason.
④ The company may revise or abolish the membership types or change the amount of admission fee, expenses, fees, etc., as it deems necessary for the operation of CFMB or in response to changes in economic conditions, etc., and shall give notice of such changes in a manner determined by the company.

Article 6 (Membership)
The types and terms of CFMB memberships shall be as separately defined. Memberships are automatically renewed at the current plan unless cancelled or changed.
①How to enroll
(1) Attend a total of three one-on-one basic classes. Those who have been CrossFit for more than 3 months may be exempted from the basic class.
(2) Register the necessary information using the membership software designated by the company at the time of initial enrollment.
(3) Select a membership contract term when you join or renew your contract.
(4) Memberships that begin on or before the 14th of the month will be counted as one month, while memberships that begin on or after the 15th of the month will be counted as one month from the following month. Therefore, if you start your membership after the 15th of the month, you must pay the membership fee for both the month you start your membership and the following month at the same time.
② About Unlimited Membership
(1) Unlimited access to classes and open gyms.
③ About 8 times/month members
(1) 8 classes and 4 open gym sessions per month are available.
(2) Classes not completed in a given month cannot be carried over to the following month.
④ About tickets
(1) Unlimited and 8 times/month members may purchase tickets to classes or Open Gym.
(2) Tickets can be used during a recess.
⑤ The 1-month plan can be selected only at the time of initial contract. If you choose the 1-month plan at the time of initial contract, the plan will be automatically renewed to the 3-month plan (8 times/month) after 1 month unless you request otherwise.
⑥ Downgrading of membership is not allowed during the contract period.
⑦ To upgrade your membership, you can cancel your existing plan at the end of the month and subscribe to a new plan from the following month. However, the period of the upgrade must be equal to or longer than the period of the previous subscription plan. Upgrade requests must be submitted by the 15th of the previous month.
⑧ No-shows or no-shows with less than one hour's notice will be charged a cancellation fee. cancellation fee will be charged.
⑨ Details for kids' classes and special needs classes shall be determined separately.

Article 7 (Cancellation Policy)
① As a general rule, if a cancellation is made 15 minutes after the class start time, the cancellation will be treated as a cancellation and the student will not be allowed to participate in the class. In such cases, a cancellation fee of 2,000 yen will be charged. In the same way, a cancellation fee of JPY 2,000 will be incurred if you are absent without notice. For members on the 8 times a month plan, one class will be deducted in the case of a late cancelation or a no show.
② If you wish to cancel your participation in a class, you may do so up to one hour before the class using the reservation software specified by the company. 1,000 yen will be charged for cancellations made less than one hour before the class.
③ Same-day cancellation for basic class will be 8,800 yen.

Article 8 (Withdrawal from Membership)
① In principle, withdrawal from membership is not permitted.
② We will not accept any request made by a proxy, by telephone, or by any other means. However, this does not apply to cases in which the member is hospitalized, moved, or otherwise unable to withdraw from membership by visiting the gym.

Article 9 (Transfer, Inheritance, and Loan of Membership)
Members may not, under any circumstances, transfer, inherit, or lend their membership to any other person.

Article 10 (Member Suspension/Hold)
① If a member is unable to use CFMB for an extended period of time for personal reasons, he/she may take a one-month self-suspension for each subscription by visiting to the gym and completing the prescribed procedures.
② In the case of a self-suspension, the procedure must be completed by the 15th of the previous month.
③ The suspension shall be from the beginning of the month to the end of the month, and the amount of the suspension may be transferred as it is.
④ Requests made by proxy, by telephone, or by any other means will not be accepted.

Article 11 (Other Procedures)
① Members must complete the procedures for changes regarding membership type, private locker, optional services, etc., in a separately prescribed manner. The exchange of a change agreement shall be omitted.
② Members must promptly make any changes to the information registered during the membership application process.
③ If the CFMB confirms a change in a member's name, current address, or other personal information, the registration information may be changed with the consent of the member, and the exchange of notification forms may be omitted.
④ Notices sent by the Company to a Member by mail shall be sent to the Member's most recent address as reported by the Member and shall be effective upon delivery and shall not be liable for non-reach or other failure to reach the Member.

Article 12 (Expulsion of Members)
If a member falls under any of the following categories, the company may suspend or expel the member. In addition, a member who has been expelled for any of the following reasons shall not be allowed to join or enter any facilities operated by the company. However, this shall not apply in cases where the Company has approved the expulsion in accordance with the standards separately stipulated by the Company.
① When a member violates these Terms and Conditions or other rules and regulations established by the Company.
② When a member has damaged the honor and disrupted the order of the CFMB.
③ When a member fails to pay the membership dues or fees in arrears, late payments, etc.
④ If the member has made a false declaration to the Company at the time of admission to the Membership. 
⑤ When the company determines that the member is not suitable as a member of CFMB.
⑥ When a member is found to be an anti-social force such as a crime syndicate, a member of a crime syndicate, or any other similar person.
⑦ When a member causes nuisance to other members or acts that interfere with the operation of CFMB.
⑧ When a member commits any of the prohibited acts in Article 22.
⑨ When a member commits any other acts equivalent to the items in this article.

Article 13 (Loss of Membership)
A member loses membership in the following cases
① When a Member resigns his/her membership.
② When a Member is expelled.
③ When a member dies.
④ When CFMB is closed.

Article 14 (Health Care)
① Members shall be responsible for their own health care.
② In case a member is instructed by a doctor to refrain from exercising or bathing due to illness, or in case a member is under treatment for an illness or suspected illness while using CFMB and its services, the member shall report it to CFMB. In the event of any illness or possible illness during the use of CFMB and its services, CFMB shall conduct a medical checkup and confirm that the results of the checkup do not interfere with the use of CFMB.
The CFMB shall confirm that there is no problem with the use of the CFMB according to the result of the medical check.

Article 15 (Right of Portrait)
CFMB frequently takes photos and videos for publicity activities, which may be used for commercial purposes as well as uploaded to the website or posted on SNS. By becoming a member of the CFMB, you agree to these conditions.

Article 16 (Non-member users)
The company may allow non-members (hereinafter referred to as "visitor") to visit the CFMB and use its facilities and services when deemed particularly necessary.

Article 17 (Strict observance of rules and regulations)
In using the facilities and services of CFMB, the member shall strictly abide by these rules and regulations as well as the rules and precautions separately stipulated by the company, and shall follow the instructions of the employees at CFMB.

Article 18 (Prohibition of Entry and Exit)
The Company reserves the right to prohibit admission to or order the ejection of any person who falls under any of the following categories
① Those who do not strictly abide by these Rules and Regulations.
② Those who are anti-social forces such as organized crime groups, gang members, or other similar persons.
③ Those who are under the influence of alcohol.
④ Those who are suffering from a disease that may be transmitted collectively.
⑤ Those who are judged by the Company to be a nuisance to other users of the facility.
⑥ Those who do not follow the instructions of CFMB employees without justifiable reason.
⑦ Those who have been notified of expulsion from the CFMB or have been expelled from the CFMB in the past (including those who have committed an act that resulted in expulsion and have voluntarily withdrawn from the CFMB), or those who have committed a prohibited act at a membership sports club or other such clubs.
⑧ Those who have been expelled for committing prohibited acts as stipulated in Article 22.

Article 19 (Compensation for damages)
① The company shall pay appropriate compensation only in case of personal or property damage to the user or a third party caused by the use of the CFMB facilities, and only if the company is found to be responsible for the accident.
② If a member causes damage to the company, its employees or a third party when using the CFMB facilities, the member shall immediately assume responsibility for compensation for the damage.

Article 20 (Theft)
Members shall use the lockers, etc. installed in the CFMB at their own responsibility and expense. In case of theft or damage of stored items or any other theft or damage caused by the use of CFMB, the company shall compensate the member to an appropriate extent only when the company is found to be responsible for the theft or damage.

Article 21 (Lost and Found, Lost Property, and Abandoned Property)
① The company shall not be liable for any damage or compensation for any loss incurred by the member in using CFMB.
② As a general rule, lost and left items will be kept for two weeks before being disposed of.

Article 22 (Prohibitions)
The following acts by members are prohibited in and around the CFMB facilities.
① Bringing animals into the facility. (Excluding guide dogs, service dogs and hearing dogs as defined in the Assistance Dogs for the Physically Disabled Act)
② Bringing dangerous items such as knives into the facility.
③ Smoking in the facility. (including e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco)
④ Damaging or taking away CFMB's equipment, fixtures, and other items controlled by the company, or graffiti or molding in the facility.
⑤ Defecating outside of the designated areas.
⑥ Defaming or slandering others, employees, CFMB, or the company.
⑦ Selling, buying, or selling goods, personal training, or other business activities or solicitations at CFMB without authorization.
Soliciting activities (including solicitation of group memberships), political activities, or signing petitions, whether for profit or non-profit.
⑧ Violent acts such as pushing, restraining, punching, or kicking another person or employee's body. Intimidating acts such as shouting, intimidation, shouting, making strange noises, staring at others, blocking their way, or trying to attack them. Dangerous acts that make others feel fear, such as hitting, throwing, or breaking things.
⑨ Stalking, including ambushing, following, or persistently talking to another person or employee.
⑩ Interfering with an employee's work, such as by interviewing, calling, or otherwise restraining the employee without just cause.
⑪ Interfering with others' use of the facilities
⑫Unauthorized use of the facility services without paying the dues, fees, and charges owed.
⑬ Other acts that disrupt the order of CFMB. Any other acts that conform to any of the items of this article.

Article 23 (Business Hours)
Business hours of the CFMB shall be as separately determined.

Article 24 (Closure)
①CFMB shall be closed during the period separately designated in advance, such as annual closure (e.g. year-end and New Year holidays), maintenance closure, and facility inspection days.
② In addition to the closure in ① above, the CFMB may close all or part of its facilities for the following reasons
(1) When the Company deems it impossible to conduct business safely due to weather, disasters, warnings, cautions, etc.
(2) When the company deems it unavoidable due to serious reasons such as administrative guidance, laws and regulations, etc.
(3) When the Company deems it impossible to operate due to renovation of the building, remodeling or repair of facilities, or other construction work.
(4) When special events such as seminars are held
③ In principle, two weeks' advance notice shall be given in the event of a scheduled absence. However, the Company shall not be required to give advance notice for leave of absence due to the reasons described in ② (1) and② (2) above.
④ The Company shall not refund the membership fee to the Member if the use of a part of the facility is restricted or suspended.
⑤ In the event that the entire facility is closed for more than 14 business days per month (12 business days in February) due to ②(1)(2)(3), the number of days the facility is closed may be transferred to the new days.

Article 25 (Closing of the club)
The company may close the CFMB for the following reasons
① When the facility is closed due to weather, disaster, or other reasons and it is deemed difficult to reopen.
② When it is deemed difficult for management to continue operations.

Article 26 (Personal Information)
The company has established a privacy policy regarding the handling of personal information and declares that it will comply with this privacy policy and handle all personal information, including members' personal information, in a safer and more appropriate manner. The privacy policy will be posted on the company website.

Article 27 (Revision of Terms and Conditions)
The Company may revise the Terms and Conditions, and the revised Terms and Conditions shall apply to all Members from the date of revision. In the event that the Company revises the Terms and Conditions, it shall notify Members at least one month prior to the date of revision in accordance with Article 28 (Method of Notification) or any other method separately stipulated by the Company.

Article 28 (Method of Notification)
Any revision of the Terms and Conditions shall be notified to Members by posting a notice in the facility and on the Company's website.

Supplementary Provisions
This Agreement shall come into effect on June 1, 2023.